Energising Equity

Young boy with adult in kitchen

25th March 2024

In an era of unprecedented transformation in the energy sector it is vital that we address the intricate intersection of fuel poverty research and racial justice.

Hear from the Repair project and Oxford Community Action on findings discovered with racialised community members to co-produce insights from their energy experiences in East Oxford.

We need to incorporate an understanding of ethnicity into fuel poverty research, and shed light on the disparities and inequalities that disproportionately affect marginalized ethnic minority communities. Only by urgently closing this research gap can we drive change and ensure equitable access to low-carbon energy solutions for all.

Energising Equity 2pm UK time25th March

With speakers from:

  • Oxford Community Action
  • REPAIR – Research on Energy through PArticipatory Insights from community Representatives (funded by ACCESS – Advancing Capacity for Climate and Environment Social Science)
  • PRIME – Protecting Minority Ethnic Communities Online 

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