Position Statements

The Energy Price Crisis (1st April 2022)

From the 1st of April 2022 an estimated 22 million households in the UK saw their energy bills rise by an average of 54%. As a result of the increased energy price cap, which is projected to rise again in October, the number of UK households experiencing fuel poverty could rise to six million, a 50% increase in just six months

The Fuel Poverty Research Network committee echo concerns regarding the detrimental impacts expected to affect the health and wellbeing of millions of UK households. This particularly applies to those living in fuel poverty, who are among the most vulnerable in society. While the UK government has announced several policy support measures, the effectiveness of these measures in reaching and appropriately supporting those most in need has been called into question. It is of critical importance to understand how the lives of those experiencing or newly vulnerable to fuel poverty are shaped and constrained by energy and fuel poverty policy, especially where such policies are intended to minimise and mitigate against the impacts of the energy crisis. Insights and evidence from FPRN and its members will be vital to ensuring current and future policy changes do not push more households into fuel poverty.