How can we embed a health inequalities approach to addressing fuel poverty in off-gas households?

Dr Jamie-Leigh Rosenburgh, Senior Research and Policy Officer at National Energy Action

2nd September 2020

Farmhouse set in a remote location in Wales

Lockdown is disrupting the usual coping strategies of the fuel poor and necessitating new ones

Aimee Ambrose, Graeme Sherriff, William Baker, Jenny Brierley, Danielle Butler, Robert Marchand, Trivess Moore, Marilyn Smith

6th July 2020

People sitting outside in park

Can the ‘Just Transition’ put an end to energy poverty?

Marilyn Smith, Founder & Executive Director, The ENERGY ACTION Project (EnAct)

9th June 2020

Margareta Kuhmunen, 68, and her husband reindeer herder Lars Kuhmunen, 75, live in a former fox breeding farm. The old butchery is now their kitchen. The whole house is heated by a wood stove.

Tackling fuel poverty – the Implications of Covid-19

William Baker, Aimee Ambrose, Jenny Brierley, Danielle Butler, Robert Marchard and Graeme Sherriff

13th May 2020

Lockdown messaging in windows