Funding for Energy Poverty in Early Career

The Fuel Poverty Research Network is running a two-year grant programme, Engaging in Energy Poverty in Early Career (EPEC), to support early career researchers (ECRs), postgraduate students (PGRs), and early career practitioners (ECPs) based in any country to contribute to efforts to tackle fuel and energy poverty through original research and publication. 

We define PGR as anyone studying for a master’s degree or PhD which relates, at least in part, to fuel or energy poverty. An ECR or ECP is defined as anyone who is within the first 10 years since completion of their PhD, or within the first 10 years of their career as an academic or practitioner.

Through EPEC we will award, via a competitive process, small research grants of up to £2,500 to those in the early stages of a career which relates in some way to energy poverty, whether in academia or practice, in any country of the world. The grants are designed to support projects of up to two years that enable:

  • original research,
  • the analysis or re-analysis of existing data to generate new insights,
  • and/or to bring forward the publication of research related to fuel/energy poverty and related topics. 

Applicants are encouraged, but not obliged, to position their projects within the following categories and to read our guidance on suggested research topics (pdf):

  • Energy Poverty in Society
  • Energy Poverty and Policy
  • Energy Poverty, Home and Neighbourhood

Priority will be given to proposals involving an element of collaboration between academics and practitioners.

Funding recipients

In the first round (2021-22) we funded ten researchers over nine projects.

In the second round (2022-23) we funded nine researchers over nine projects.

See projects funded in Rounds 1&2

Information for applicants

Applications are now closed. The application form and supporting information is available below for reference:

Enquiries should be directed to