Translating community based research on electrification into resources for policy and practice

31 May 2021

This is project is funded by FPRN as part of the EPEC programme for early career 2020-21 round.

A major issue in rural electrification is the lack of understanding of community perspectives when projects and policies are designed. This project builds on Hannah’s interdisciplinary research on community experiences of rural electrification in Tanzania. She found that energy projects are often implemented in ways which increase structural inequalities, disadvantaging already marginalised groups. This project will reanalyse this research to create resources for policy makers and practitioners, including stakeholders throughout the process.

‘A big challenge in academia, especially for early career researchers, is having the time to translate your research into outputs that are accessible for communities, policy makers and practitioners. This funding means my research won’t just sit within academia, but has potential for more reach and impact’

Hannah Mottram, University of Sheffield
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