Combatting Energy Poverty with Solar Microgrids in Malawi: Disseminating an Evidence-Base to Accelerate Deployment

30 April 2022

The project will create better holistic mechanisms and appropriately targeted support for solar microgrid deployment in Malawi, informed through analysis of primary evidence gained from an active pilot project. A robust dataset exists on microgrid performance, tracking technical and economic performance as well as social impact surveys capturing the lived experiences of energy poverty in Malawi and the impact offered to the community by the microgrid. This dataset will be analysed to better understand how solar microgrids operated by social enterprises can address energy poverty in Malawi, specifically exploring how government policy and donor interventions can contribute to accelerated deployment.

I’m delighted to be awarded this grant from the FPRN – Solar microgrids have the potential to change the lives of millions of people living in energy poverty in Malawi, but data on their performance needed to inform policy and deployment is sparse. This project will address this through analysis of a microgrid pilot project to contribute to an evidence base for the nascent microgrid sector in Malawi, accelerating microgrid deployment and reducing energy poverty.

Aran Eales, University of Strathclyde
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Man installing solar pv
Report to funder: Combatting Energy Poverty with Solar Microgrids in Malawi (pdf)
Aran Eales 2023

Aran Eales provides a summary of his FPRN funded project, including key findings and recommendations.