Multiple vulnerabilities – Examining the fuel and food poverty nexus

16 May 2021

This is project is funded by FPRN as part of the EPEC programme for early career 2020-21 round.

There is a lack of consideration of the intersectionality of vulnerability types and multiple hardships, such as choosing between heating and eating, in research and practice. With fuel and food insecurity, the “heat or eat” dilemma occurs when households are forced to decide between nutritious food and adequate energy services. This increases vulnerability to cold and heat by reducing resilience and the capability to cope. By studying the energy-food-poverty nexus through the lens of environmental justice and capabilities, this project looks at poverty as a spatio-temporal outcome of a set of practices and provides new insights into multiple vulnerabilities.

‘I am delighted to receive this grant as it extends valuable work I am doing within the HEET project with regards to fuel poverty and the capabilities framework. It allows me to explore the topic of multiple vulnerabilities, especially food insecurity, which may not be the most important thing on the mind of decision makers when thinking about thermal comfort, energy poverty or sustainable consumption of energy and funding energy focussed projects.’

Bhavna Middha, RMIT University
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Report to Funder: Multiple vulnerabilities Examining the fuel and food poverty nexus (pdf)
Bhavna Middh 2022
Report Summary

Final report summarising findings and implications.