Making Decarbonisation Fair – Videos

Making Decarbonisation Fair

All sessions from our March 2021 international conference, Making Decarbonisation Fair, are available to watch online. The links will take you through to YouTube.

Day 1

  • João Pedro Gouveia (Chair) Senior Researcher, CENSE, NOVA School of Science and Technology (Lisbon)
  • Pedro Palma – PhD Student, CENSE, FCT-NOVA (Lisbon)
    Mitigating energy poverty vulnerability in future paradigms video
  • Katherine Mahoney – PhD Student, CENSE, FCT-NOVA (Lisbon)
    Challenges and Opportunities in the Portuguese Energy Transition-The Evidence so far video
  • Ricardo Barbosa – UMinho
    Energy poverty and social housing – the ARCAS project video
  • Rita Marouço – Project Developer, Coopernico video
  • Ana Horta – Researcher, ICS, University of Lisbon video
  • Marielle Feenstra – PhD Candidate, University Twente
  • Sergio Tirado Herrero – Research Fellow, Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona
  • Joy Clancy – Prof Energy and Gender, University of Twente/CSTM
  • Saska Petrova – Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
  • Nthabiseng Mohlakoana – Researcher, Stellenbosch University
  • Carmen Sánchez-Guevara – Assistant Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Katharina Habersbrunner – Board member, Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF)

Day 2

  • Rob Marchand (Chair) FPRN Trustee and Lecturer in Resource Efficiency, Sheffield University Management School; FPRN
  • Alejandra Cortes – Lecturer U de Chile and PhD candidate RMIT, Australia., Universidad de Chile and RMIT University, Australia
    The background of energy poverty in South Chile video
  • Anna Sofia Bajomi – PhD Candidate, Politecnico di Milano. Will plans go up in smoke? video
  • Carmen Sánchez-Guevara – Assistant Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. What is the role of the public space in the democratisation of decarbonisation? video
  • Caroline Porto Valente – PhD Candidate, University of Technology Sydney
    Energy poverty among older, low-income Australians video
  • Raúl Castaño – PhD, Finnish Energy Observatory
    George Jiglau – Lecturer, Babes-Boylai University (Cluj-Napoca)
    Poverty, energy poverty, vulnerability: breaking the status quo video
  • Teresa Cuerdo – Researcher, PhD architect, Eduardo Torroja Institute for construction sciences, Spanish National Research Council (IETcc-CSIC)
    Reflections on use patterns and energy consumption in Spanish homes during the lockdown video

Day 3

  • Hyerim Yoon – Lecturer, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Sara Fuller – Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
  • Marlies Hesselman – University of Groningen – Faculty of Law
  • Mònica Guiteras Blaya – Aliança contra la Pobresa Energètica (APE) i Enginyeria Sense Fronteres (ESF)
  • Tomislav Tkalec – Energy Program Coordinator, Focus
  • Chloé Verlinden – Project Associate, CityMine(d)
  • William Baker (Chair) Energy advice development lead, Citizens Advice
  • Iñigo Antepara – Assistant professor, University of the Basque Country. Low carbon regulations and under-consumption video
  • Miguel Macias Sequeira – PhD student | Energy & Climate Researcher, CENSE, NOVA School of Science and Technology. The Green Menu video
  • Pablo Hernández – Building energy efficiency engineer, University of the Basque Country. Guaranteeing a minimum temperature of 18 degrees C in low income dwellings video
  • Roberto Barrella – Research Assistant, Chair of Energy and Poverty – ICAI School of Engineering, Comillas Pontifical University. Impact of energy refurbishment strategies video
  • Sarah Robertson – Research Fellow, RMIT University. Delivering retrofit for all: the view from Australia video

  • William Baker – Energy advice development lead, Citizens Advice
  • Kirsten Horton – Senior Policy Advisor, BEIS

  • Danielle Butler (Chair) Senior Research and Policy Officer, NEA
  • Irene González-Pijuan and Laura Oliveiras Puig, Sheffield Hallam University. Energy poverty and children – the case of Barcelona video
  • Jez Hall – Director, Shared Future CIC. Getting communities on board with just transition video
  • Lauren Salmon – Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Changeworks
    Shane Donnellan – Senior Behaviour Change Specialist, Changeworks. Impacts of Decarbonisation video
  • Marine Cornelis – Executive Director, NextEnergyConsumer. ESRC Just Energy video

Day 4

  • Trivess Moore (Chair) Senior Lecturer, RMIT University. Implications for policy and practice from a low carbon public housing development in Victoria, Australia. video
  • Richard Mellish – Executive Advisor, AgilityEco. Decarbonisation of heat and time-of-use tariffs video
  • Matthew Scott – Research and Policy Officer, National Energy Action. Disruption and the decarbonisation of heat video
  • Rokia Raslan – Associate Professor, UCL. The potential of hard to decarbonise homes as a pathway to energy equity video
  • Siddharth Sareen – Associate Professor in Energy and Environment, University of Stavanger. Accountable solar energy transitions video
  • Sea Rotmann – Users TCP by IEA. Hard to reach energy users in the residential and commercial sectors video
  • Graeme Sherriff (Chair) Research Fellow, University of Salford; FPRN
  • Brenda Boardman – Emeritus Research Fellow, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Practical aspects of decarbonising the energy poor video
  • Louise Sunderland – Senior Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)
    Equity in the energy transition: who pays, who benefits? video
  • Lucie Middlemiss – Associate Professor in Sustainability, Co-Director
    Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds. Revealing the hidden face of energy poverty in the Netherlands video
  • Sam Illingworth – Associate Professor, Edinburgh Napier University
    Talking about decarbonisation through games video
  • Rebecca Ford – Strathclyde University. The role of local energy in delivering a just and low-carbon future video
  • Maria Jose Manjon – Researcher, Universidad de Comillas. Tackling energy poverty through social entrepreneurship in large companies video

  • Marilyn Smith (Chair) Executive Director, The ENERGY ACTION Project (EnAct) / ORENDA Communications
  • Lawrence Jones – VP, International, Edison Electric Institute
  • Harish Hande – CEO, SELCO Foundation
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