FPRN#2: Fuel Poverty: Telling the Story

FPRN Event in Salford

1st November 2016

The second meeting of the Fuel Poverty Research Network (FPRN) was held on 1st November 2016. It was hosted by the Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU), University of Salford on the University’s campus. The event incorporated the autumn meeting of the Association of Local Energy Officers North West and included a presentation on their activities.

With the theme ‘Fuel Poverty: Telling the Story’ the interactive session looked at creative ways of understanding and sharing experiences of fuel poverty and learning from some inspiring projects from Greater Manchester and beyond. It was an opportunity to learn about new and creative ways of communicating research and maximising impact, and to be part of a growing network working on this important issue.

About FPRN

The Fuel Poverty Research network brings together creators and users of fuel poverty research to ensure wider dissemination, maximise policy impact and promote social change.


The book of damp and other stories: the artistic articulation of health research‘ (pdf)
Keynote by Ian Beesley, photographer

Fuel poverty in Greater Manchester: policies and challenges’ (pdf)
Tina Gandhi, Principal Environmental Strategy Officer, GM Environment Team
Tina also showed a video about energy efficiency retrofit in Greater Manchester.

Pen portraits: a tool to influence policy and practice’ (pdf)
Angela Tod, University of Sheffield

Fuel Poverty: Piecing Together the Big Story‘ (pdf)
Simon Sticker, Videographer, EnAct / Bombay Flying Club

Communicating Fuel Poverty

Greater Manchester based communications agency Creative Concern will be sharing examples of their experience of communicating issues around fuel poverty to a range of audiences.

In small groups we produced the following four videos using Adobe Spark software. Just select an image to view each video.