Damp & Mould – Expert Q&A

1st March 2023

Mould can endanger life and is a rapidly growing problem during the energy crisis. Are you trying to help people who are exposed to black mould? Join the Q&A with our experts to have your questions answered.

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The panel consists of experts from the Fuel Poverty Evidence community with perspectives on buildings, health, energy, and indoor climates:

  • Dr Sirid Bonderup is a postdoctoral researcher at department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her Ph.D. focused on the handling of mould issues in Danish rental housing and included comparative work on the handling of mould issues in Northern England. Currently she is working on a range of projects related to indoor climate, mould, building operation and energy poverty, all from a socio-technical perspective.
  • Rachel Harris is a University Teacher at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture where she jointly leads Environment and Technology development in combination with studio teaching.  She is primarily an Architect, a Certified Passive House Designer and Retrofit Coordinator, and uses these qualifications and experience in practice to teach the next generation of practitioners timely lessons in retrofit and moisture management.
  • Dr Jan Gilbertson is a Senior Research Fellow in CRESR at Sheffield Hallam University. Much of her work focuses on cold homes, fuel poverty and health and assessing the impact of housing investment and improvement programmes on the health of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups including low-income households, older people, and those with a long-standing illness and/or disability.
  • Dr Valentina Marincioni is a lecturer in building physics at University College London and the technical director of the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings. Her research focuses on the integration of building physics, predictive modelling and monitoring for the reduction of moisture-related issues in buildings. Her work includes the development of frameworks and tools for moisture-safe construction, the assessment of the energy and hygrothermal performance of traditional and historic buildings, and the development of innovative building fabric solutions.

Please submit your questions to events@fuelpovertyresearch.net by 22nd February.

This event is hosted by the Fuel Poverty Evidence project – a collaboration between the University of Leeds, Sheffield Hallam University, Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Sussex and the Fuel Poverty Research Network.

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