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A group of researchers interested in fuel poverty/energy poverty have, in the context of the unprecedented energy crisis we’re in, set up a new project called Fuel Poverty Evidence.

The aim is to amplify the extensive body of research on fuel poverty, to ensure it is heard by and informs policy making and the wider public consciousness. We will produce press releases, policy briefings and engage with the media in response to events.  

One of our key tasks is to develop a public facing, online “expert directory”, containing contact details of fuel poverty researchers and their area of expertise. We want this to be a resource that journalists and others can use to identify researchers they can contact for comment and insight.

We want this to encompass as many experts in various aspects of fuel and energy poverty as possible. As such, we’ve created this Google form (below) to capture the details of anyone who wants to join the initiative. The information you provide (name, email address, affiliation, areas of expertise) will be added to the directory, which will be hosted on the Fuel Poverty Research Network website. You can withdraw your details from the website at any time by notifying us. 

Whilst we will endeavour to include everyone who provides their information, we reserve the right be selective. If we have any concerns about specific entries, we will ensure that we contact individuals to discuss.

We really hope you’re able to sign up and work with us to find new ways to bring your research evidence to attention of wider audiences. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact us: