Tackling fuel poverty: learning from winter research

In March 2023, the Fuel Poverty Evidence project brought together a panel of fuel poverty experts from across academia, policy, and practice to discuss the latest research evidence to emerge from the winter of 2022/23 and what it means for fuel poverty policy looking ahead. 

The panel consisted of Professor Lucie Middlemiss (Sustainability Research Institue, University of Leeds), Simon Francis (End Fuel Poverty Coalition), Dr Elizabeth Blakelock (Citizens Advice), Tom Cave (The Children’s Society) and Helen Stockton (National Energy Action). 

Lucie Middlemiss presented a range and depth of evidence from multiple research projects conducted over the winter of 2022/23 and involving members of the Fuel Poverty Evidence group – to which the panel responded. 

The below policy brief, infographic, and useful resource bibliography are a result of the dynamic and engaging discussion that ensued between the panellists and participants at the event. We encourage anyone active in any aspect of fuel poverty to use and share these resources.

An accessible online version of the policy brief and bibliography can be found here.

Infographic as a pdf Download

For any follow up questions or comments, please contact Beth Harrison (e.p.harrison@leeds.ac.uk)