FPRN bulletin – 18th March 2024

18 March 2024

The FPRN email bulletin is a semi-regular email highlighting a handpicked selection of recently published research and other knowledge outputs in the area of fuel/energy poverty from around the world. The aim is to share this emerging knowledge more widely and to help generate discussion across the network.

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It’s time to bring households off the gas grid in from the cold
Naomi Schraer (2024)
 Blog  Open Access 

This blog explores the significant housing cohort which is not connected to gas but not yet connected to efficient electric heating. There is an ongoing challenge to help those households who are increasingly forced to use costly alternative heating options which has further implications for entrenched fuel poverty.

Fuel Poverty and Homelessness: Exploring the extremes of the Cost of Living crisis
Carolyn Snell; Nicholas Pleace; Anna Browning; Sara Anderson (2024)
 Report  Open Access 

The University of York’s Cost of Living research group has published a new report exploring the link between fuel poverty and homelessness. The report identifies a number of core findings which are not only relevant for the UK but for other jurisdictions as well.

Understanding fuel poverty
Neil Simcock; Lucie Middlemiss; Nicola Willand (2024)
 Podcast  Open Access 

This podcast episode explores what can we do to tackle fuel poverty more effectively.

Perceptions of competing agendas in carbon neutrality policies in Portugal: Adverse impacts on vulnerable population groups
Katherine Mahoney; Rita Lopes; Siddharth Sareen; João Pedro Gouveia (2024)
 Academic Paper  Open Access 

The authors present analysis of 39 expert interviews on Portuguese carbon neutrality agendas as it relates to other political agendas such as energy poverty. While there was agreement that theoretical linkages existed between various agendas, this was not translating to practice and additional issues were noted which have implications for current and future policy development.

Subjective indicators of fuel poverty in Zarqa Governorate, Jordan
Mohammad M. Jaber; Tekla Szép (2024)
 Academic Paper  Open Access 

Analyzing data from a survey of 490 participants in Zarqa Governorate (Jordan), the paper evaluates the main determinants of subjective fuel poverty. The data highlights a number of issues including being in arrears with utility bills and an inability to maintain adequate summer and winter temperatures and the presence of leaks, damp, and rot.

Growth in energy justice: Exploring impacts of Residential Solar Incentive Program on rooftop solar adoption growth rates in Connecticut
Emily G. Holt; Deborah A. Sunter (2024)
 Academic Paper  Open Access 

This paper explores solar adoption growth rates across demographic variables in Connecticut (USA). The analysis found that a residential solar investment program had broadened solar access to those who previously did not have access to solar, including low-income, non-white households, and renters.

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