FPRN bulletin – 13th February 2023

13 February 2023

Welcome to our email bulletin.

The FPRN email bulletin is a semi-regular email highlighting a handpicked selection of recently published research and other knowledge outputs in the area of fuel/energy poverty from around the world. The aim is to share this emerging knowledge more widely and to help generate discussion across the network.

If you have any issues accessing the below articles, or you have articles, research or other information we could share, please contact newsletter@fuelpovertyresearch.net

Policy prescriptions to address energy and transport poverty in the United Kingdom web
Benjamin Sovacool; Paul Upham; Mari Martiskainen; Kirsten Jenkins; Gerardo Torres Contreras; Neil Simcock (2023)
 Academic Paper  Open Access 

Addressing energy and transport poverty is of growing importance across Europe. This paper explores the drivers and lived experiences of energy and transport poverty in the United Kingdom and identifies policies which are likely to have greater acceptability by a range of stakeholders. The authors discuss that energy and transport system redesign will also be required to principles of energy and social justice.

Developments and Trends in Energy Poverty Research—Literature Visualization Analysis Based on CiteSpace MDPI
Mei Song; Jia Zhang; Xiaohao Liu; Liyan Zhang; Xuguang Hao; Mengxue Li (2023)
 Academic Paper  Open Access 

This paper presents analysis of 814 studies on energy poverty to map and understand the current context and direction of research in this space. The findings show that there are significant differences in studies based upon things such as geographic considerations and the authors highlight the direction emerging research is taking. The paper also presents network maps of key researchers, themes etc in this field.

The hardest hit: Impact of the energy crisis pdf
National Energy Action; Energy Action Scotland (2022)
 Report  Open Access 

This report is the UK Fuel Poverty Monitor for 2021-2022 and comes off the back of a worsening energy crisis in the UK. The report presents evidence of the current situation and makes conclusions around six key themes.

Marginalising household users in smart grids ScienceDirect
Ekaterina Tarasova; Harald Rohracher (2023)
 Academic Paper  Open Access 

This paper explores the different dimensions of marginalisation in the transition to a digitalised electricity infrastructure in Sweden. The findings highlight that marginalisation of household users in smart grids may take place along multiple dimensions, relating to matters of literacy, participation, infrastructure, and the economy and that considering bundles of marginalisation may help improve outcomes for vulnerable households.

How to ensure a just approach to retrofitting social housing? pdf
Jan Frankowski; Jakub Sokołowski; Joanna Mazurkiewicz (2022)
 Report  Open Access 

This report explores opportunities for municipal governments to improve the quality and performance of social housing stock in Poland through equitable retrofit.

Also, check out our special issue of the journal People, Policy and Place on Decarbonisation and Energy Poverty.

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